Regrowing feathers?

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  1. Raptorchick

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    May 21, 2018
    Near Jackson, CA
    So I have this hen, shes a 4 year old buff orpington, that has been almost bald of feathers for more than a year. Two years ago I had a couple of aggressive roosters, and only 7 hens, which is when the feather loss started. I bought the girls "jackets", to protect from the roosters, but most of their saddle feathers were lost. Then the hen in question, her name is Hunter (she loves flies), she started losing feathers over her wings. I thought maybe she was sunburned, so last summer I tried applying sunscreen to her fatherless wings and back. Her sisters all grew their feathers back. I separated the troublesome roosters, so they are now only with a very small bantam rooster, two serama roos, and a wingless rir roo. The serama roos and wingless rir are afraid of her, as she is high on the totem pole, so she only mates with the small bantam. The other hens are back to normal, I removed their jackets and they are now normal and fluffy. Shes not, and her skin looks angry red, like its sunburned. They have 4 trees and two coops to shelter under if they wanted, and I've tried sunscreen, but it's not working. The past two months I've tried aloe vera and also blu kote, but it didnt help. She lays eggs daily, nonstop all through winter. I'm worried that she has something wrong, like a skin disease. I've also read about increasing protein during feather regrowth. She eats and acts totally normal, but it looks so painful. If anyone has any advice or has experienced this before, any help is massively appreciated :(
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    Hi Raptorchick.
    Poor Hunter. I am glad you separated that roo.
    Her feathers will not grow back until she molts, and a chickens skin will automatically turn red when exposed (featherless) so feather growth should fix that too.
    However, photos are always helpful - just in case.
  3. Raptorchick

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    May 21, 2018
    Near Jackson, CA
    I'll get some pictures up tomorrow morning... I'm also going to find a vet, in case she has some kind of infection. She's a very tough girl and doesn't act sick, so I'm really hoping she's just having a deficiency of some kind :( I have an vitamin/electrolyte replacer that I've given to sick chicks, has anyone ever done that with molting chickens? And another silly question, is aloe vera safe to use with chickens? I know about avoiding -caines, lidocaine, chemicals, etc, but I've been wondering about pure aloe vera for awhile...
    Thanks again,
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    Still sounds like mating wear. You said she's still with 4 roosters? Bantam roosters can mate just as much as standard.

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