Regular or layer crumbles for my Pullets ?


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Apr 1, 2010
Cape Breton Island
My Golden Comets have reached their 17th week on this earth and I was told that at around 16 weeks + they could start laying eggs. Should I change their feed to layer crumbles or keep them on the regular feed till that first magic egg appears?

INFO : They freerange all day long.
Now is a great time to switch to the layer feed.
It's a good time to start combining the feeds, gradually switching them to layer. Chicken don't like sudden feed changes.

I feed layer pellets, so I usually have a week of transition with crumbles and pellets mixed together.
Ah, thanks everyone. I'll start mixing the feed till the regular is all gone and then sit and wait. I know that they will lay when they are ready...trouble is I'm ready and they aren't. :))
That's always the case....we are ready and they aren't. I am wanting eggs as soon as they turn 18 weeks...and sometimes it does not happen.

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