Rehomed hens - sporadic laying


May 17, 2022
Vancouver Island
We took in three hens june 12th and only one hen has started laying an egg every 1-2 days. The other two have produced one in that timeframe. I anticipated it taking awhile for them to adjust so happy to be getting some already, but just confused on the inconsistency. They are all around 1-2 years old. Do I just need more patience? 🙃
It sounds totally normal to me. The on/off again can be from different stressors in their new environment that don't happen every day.
I got four 2yr old hens a few months ago. One kept laying throughout, two were really spotty about it, and the fourth took 3 weeks to start laying again, which coincided with when they finally got truly comfortable in their new space. As long as a hen lays 3 a week I still consider her productive, but that may just be me.

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