Rehoming Story

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And now for the REST of the story...

We purchased 3 few-day chicks from a farm about a hour or so from us. 1 died within hours of getting home and a second (our Black Australorp) wasn't far behind. I stayed up that night giving it sips of water from a medicine cup, encouraging it to eat, and loving on it. Totally bounced back and became the sweetest, most lovey 🐥. Well, turned out to be a Roo. We're in the city and that's not allowed. He was my buddy. I had 3 failed rehoming attempts and was afraid he was off to become dinner. Then came a lady who had purchased a flock of BA hens and was looking for a Roo.

For real: I was so sad the day we were to meet. He cried in the cage and looked at me with such sadness and fear. Let me just say...

She has been a dream! I get pictures and updates on him and it brings such joy. Maybe one day I'll ask to visit. ❤️ I really hope others can have experiences like this. There are good people in this world!

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