Reintroducing a Scared Roo


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Jul 18, 2008
Central Florida
Here is the story :)
a little background on the problem children:
Everyone free ranges 24/7 on 2 acres.
Ricky: Fat fuzzy black silkie. Very nice little roo roo. Never aggressive with hens, people, pets. Comes to get his treats, pretty much comes when you call for him. Very good at taking care of his little family. Very vocal - will crow outside the front door when he is wanting something.
RC - Rickys son - same personality as Ricky - mellow - never challenged Ricky - Just a good roo also.
No Name - Rickys son - Must of got his genes from his momma! Always been standoffish - will jump any hen he gets a chance - has began to terrorize Ricky. Good point - he has never lifted a feather at people or the other pets.

Ricky has always been the "godfather" We have 8 hens he runs with and the 2 other roos. One roo( RC) is very submissive and has never been an issue. The other roo (mixed bred - much larger than Ricky) has now come into puberty and about a week ago really challenged Rick. Rick went into hiding. We did not find him for 5 days - he was hiding in the garage. He finally staggered out this past Sunday. I ran to get him some feed and water. He saw the other chickens and was running ans screaming - really didn't know where he was trying to go - he was in a panic. Just as soon as I called him - he turned and ran to me. I did chase off everyine else so he could eat and drink in peace - he ate quite a bit - got a drink - and went back to the garage. The last few mornings and evenings - he has come out when I go out the feed the horses and eats by himself - if he sees the others he runs in fear. Yesterday, he was out to get a drink and the No Name attack his again. my mother was home and saw it and ran out to hollar and NN ran off. We caught NN last night and he was rehomed this morning.

My question is - how do we reintroduce Ricky to everyone and let him know he is OK again? It breaks my heart to see him so afraid in his own yard! I was considering a pet harness and just make him stand with me when they are coming around in the evenings.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated - sorry this got so long winded :)


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Aug 18, 2008
Olympia WA
Well RC has very good reason to be scared. The NN roo that is coming into puberty could have very well killed him. Could you section off an area of the run and coop that he could have to himself until he seems ready to join the others? That way he can be sure and have access to food, water and shelter at all times. Please keep us posted!

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