Reintroducing a sick chicken

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  1. stlchickens

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    May 18, 2010

    I have 5 chickens in my backyard in an urban area. Last week one of them got sick. I quarantined her for about a week and now she seems much better. This afternoon I tried to reintroduce her to the flock. My largest bird kept jumping on her back and pecking her head until I forced her off. Any ideas on why this is happening and how I can successfully reintegrate the once sick bird?


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    Can you let the "new" one (I know she is not new, but she is now new to the flock - or least your head hen) - freerange in the yard while the others are in their chicken run. Do this for a couple days, then let the lower chickens out to mingle with the "new" one. Couple days let the head hen out. If you have a plastic dog kennel, let her sleep in the kennel in the coop with the others for a bit also.

    Just one way, maybe it will help.


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