reintroducing a sick chicken?

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    My hen is standing and is DONE with her box in the basement. she's knocking all the water/food etc over and just making a huge mess. she's ready to move on. but the other chickens now hate her guts. I don't want her to over do it with them and re-injure herself since she really isn't 100% yet. she's walking, but has a slight limp. now that I'm looking at her I think she broke a toe. well... so I put her in the coop alone and left the others in the run and shut the door. but now what? what do I do so that she doesn't get bad again? is she going to make her foot worse if she chases with the others?

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    Do you have a kennel or crate that you can put her into the coop in? If so, I would use the crate for a day or two in the coop, let her spend the day and night in there, just give her food/water.

    Then when the others are out - free ranging is best - let her out so she can start to explore again. Lock her up for a night or two in the kennel if you think she needs extra protection (keeps her from being picked on in the morning before you get to the coop).

    [​IMG] that she is better.

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