Reintroducing an injured hen

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    Apr 15, 2015
    I've got a sweet Golden Comet, Abracadabra (named by my toddler, go figure!), who miraculously survived a raccoon attack. She got the go ahead from our amazing vet (staples for a chicken? I had no idea!) to be outside free ranging again but after being inside recovering for 2 weeks the rest of the flock sees her as a newcomer and aren't being very nice, to say the least. I worry extra about her since she will never be 100% and has a slow/gimpy leg and can't get away from the bigger girls like a totally healthy hen could. And yet keeping her isolated longer doesn't seem like a good idea either...any chicken lovers out there have some advice on how to best handle this kind of situation? Poor Abby has already been through so much with this ordeal ;(
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    Jul 10, 2016
    One of my buff Orpingtons had to be removed from her sisters for 5 days due to illness. She actually spent two nights at the veterinary office. When she was feeling better, I tried to put her back in the coop. They did not remember her!!! I was devastated since they were raised together. They pecked her and kind of surrounded her. Surprisingly, she went right back at them. I think she must be my dominate hen. After about 10 minutes, they were all a flock again. No more problems since other than she hasn't laid since. She's now a freeloader. In your case, since she was injured, I would possibly put her carrier with the others so they can see her but not get to her. I've also heard of putting them back at night so they wake up a flock.
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    When a bird is removed from the flock for a few days they are also remove from the pecking order and when re-introduced the pecking order has to once again be sorted out, and chances are the removed bird is not going to be happy about being at the bottom of the new pecking order and the ones that were promoted when that bird was removed are going to attempt to hold their new position so there will be some fighting as they once again sort things out... This is perfectly normal chicken behavior...

    I never have an issue introducing or re-introducing birds... I just sneak them onto the roost at night and let them do their natural thing come morning when the sun rises...
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    you can keep it in a separate run for temporary . allowing them to see each other but no contact just yet for a few days

    also be sure that there's no open wounds.. since the other chickens will peck at the area/s

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