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5 Years
May 23, 2017
So I’ve been trying to reintroduce a hen who got hurt and had to be removed from a five hen flock of just sisters. Two of them, the hens at the bottom of the pecking order, have accepted her. But the top two keep bullying her and will keep her in the coop all day so she can’t eat. I’ve put her in a seperate crate for a few weeks in with them. That didn’t work. I took the two angry ones out for a few days and then brought them back. That didn’t work either. I’ve sprayed them with water when the peck at her. Didn’t work. I even just put her hen and hoped they would work it out. Nope. What do I do! She looks so miserable and all this is becoming so stressful and I don’t have the energy or time to deal with it all. What should I do? Put her in a seperate coop? Do something with the aggressive ones?
I would put the 2 aggressive ones in chicken Jail as trouble makers, let them watch the others getting along and getting freedom for a few days, if that don't work then you might want to consider a rooster, if that isn't an option last one would be freezer camp for aggressivness
I would consider these two options.
  • pin-less peepers
  • or remove either the victim or the bully
  • always solve for peace in the flock
  • a happy flock is more fun.
Mrs K
Could you send me a link to those peepers you would recommend? Should they be pinless?
Maybe you could put peepers on the nasty ones? They’re like little sunglasses for birds to stop them from picking on each other and they work wonders for pheasants! Think you can get them on amazon...
Could you send me a link to the peepers you would recommend? Should they be pinless and size small?
Put each bird separate from one another for a few days. Then introduce them all at once.... they will all be strangers and wont gang up on the one you are reintroducing

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