rejected late hatching rouen runt. HELP!


May 14, 2016
I am a new member and diving right in so forgive me if I appear to not know what I am doing, cause I don't! But I need some quick answers/ideas/suggestions.

Here's the brief description of my current struggle. I will follow with a more detailed background, but I wanted to get some feedback asap.

I have a 48 hour old, late hatching Rouen duckling who has been rejected by his mother. He doesn't really seem interested in eating, but more like he is picky and doesn't like what we are offering. He seems hungry, and will eat the food if we hold him and put his beak in the food (followed by his beak in water).

I have tried DuMOR chick starter/grower both dry and moistened (I know, but the package says its for new hatch-ling ducks, it's what the tractor supply girl said to give it, and it's what I got before I did enough research to find that chick starter isn't good for ducklings--I just hope this brand isn't one of them)

I also tried blending cat food with strawberries, grapes, spinach leaves, carrots, and celery.

Also, ground and whole meal worms alone and mixed in with the above.

I have also added some Nutri-drench to some of the combos above.

Anybody have any ideas what this little guy might like and or how to get him to eat?


Jul 26, 2014
Finely chopped hard-boiled egg is really good for newly hatched ones that need a little boost. They usually love it! But since it is alone, you will probably have to keep playing in the food with your fingers to get his attention over there and get him eating on his own. Offer the egg bits in water as it's easier for them to eat wet food when they are very young. You can add in a little food and maybe some vitamins to the mix as well to get as much nutrition in him as possible. Just make it very soupy at first since it is much easier to get them drinking than eating sometimes.

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