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Discussion in 'Local Chicken Laws & Ordinances' started by DivineComedy, Oct 22, 2015.

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    Oct 18, 2015
    Alright.. I'm an attorney and I'm even an attorney for a small municipality where I live so I might be able to help with some input in getting ordinances changed.

    First off, rules vary and the methods of changing ordinances can vary from state to state and town to town so probably can't do much in the way of absolutes.

    Second, shifting attitudes and getting anything considered seriously is generally easier to accomplish in a small town than a big city (the 15 households that want chickens in a small town could be the deciding votes in the next election.

    Okay. So with all that said, do some research. Make sure you know what the current ordinance is and what the process for changing it will be. From there, find other ordinances of local towns that hopefully support your position. Contact your local Town Hall to get on the agenda for the meeting you wish to present your idea to or, alternatively, see if a council person would be interested in spearheading it. If so they can be invaluable in helping you maneuver whatever "politics you may face.

    Obviously knowing whatever opposition you may face and their argument (smell, noise, etc.) puts you in a better position to counter it.

    Basic negotiating will suggest that you ask for more than you can hope to achieve (flocks of unlimited size regardless of lot size with roosters and hens) which then helps with creating a compromise position.

    Seems clear that everyone posting on the forum is plenty familiar with the tenacity that may be required.

    Now that I read the post, the suggestions seems obvious so hope someone finds something about it helful.

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    May 15, 2015
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    Oct 14, 2015
    Thank you Julie! Maybe you could help me? Is it legal for a township to fine for a zoning violation without any written citation of the violation as well as the steps to appeal? Or to have a local rescue come seize your animals without any written record of violation? Can information regarding how to request a variance or seek an appeal be denied to a person who rents the land, owns the home as well as the birds (and pays the taxes)? Also, is it legal to tell one person to get rid of their birds, but none of the other bird owners on the same street with the same lot parcels? I am young and I feel like I am being utterly disregarded and treated as a nuisance, not as a hardworking, single mother who has a genuine interest in not only protecting my birds, but trying to protect my families rights. I think more people should take notice of food production and that laws should be protecting citizens who have interests in natural and sustainable practices. If you know the answers to any of my questions, I am very grateful. Thank you.

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