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    Finally getting cold in Texas. I have 12 - 5 week old chicks and wanted to monitor the coop temp while in my house. I found this and thought I'd share.

    It has a strong signal and I can read it anywhere on my acre. It may have alarms but I just want to monitor if I need to close coop windows etc.

    I'm in the process of building a webcam that has current weather and temp data at the coop. I travel and want to be sure they are comfortable.

    I'd love to hear if any of you have been working on this.

    Thank you,
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    Jul 21, 2015
    I hope you set it to "chicken" instead of "beef".

    I have a weather station from L. L. Bean that has remote sensors. I mounted a sensor inside the coop and one outside the coop. The display unit is next to my bed. I can see the outside temp, the temp in their coop and the (much nicer) temp in my bedroom. It also has a clock. I think you can have up to three remote sensors but extras are sold separately (it only came with one).

    I like the idea of a web cam and have thought about doing it but the fact that I can't get internet access at my house makes it a no go. I would have to buy the chickens their own cell phone with a data plan and use it as a hot spot.
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    haha I've never seen meat thermometer used in coop before! [​IMG]

    You might also want to look into using wireless thermometer and humidity sensor. At Lowes, they're about $20.

    In TX it doesn't get so cold that chickens will be in danger, so you won't need to set alarms. ; )
    It depends on the breeds, but you generally won't have to start worrying unless the temps dip in the negatives, more like below 20 when they start to suffer.

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