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9 Years
Mar 6, 2010
Where I live.
Let's face it. Americans are pretty rich. And we have so much clutter...
So this "club" or thread, whatever you want to call it, is to help us get rid of our clutter. So all you have to do is name 1 thing on this thread that you could live without. Then if you want to, put it in a box and see how you get along without it. If you forget about it, it's probably time to get rid of it.
So here goes,

I can live without all the extra coffee cups in my cabinet.

If you want to, edit your post on here, (if you've posted) and tell us how you lived without your item. Let's go!
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Books that I haven't opened in two I can put all of the books I have accumulated since, that sit in odd piles around my house, on the shelves in their place.
Extra lotions, soaps and shampoos that people seem to really enjoy giving me. I have my favorites, that I use and enjoy, and then I have a whole big tote full of "others". I know I won't use them but what hte heck do I do with them? Some have been used once or twice... sigh

Probably not. I know I wouldn't.

I have a lot of old stuff waiting to be gotten rid of. Junk really does accumulate quickly, and I don't even care about most of it.
Whew! In reading the subject line, my first thought was "Good lord! If I removed all the clutter, there wouldn't be anything left!"

Suffice to say, I also wouldn't know where to start. Okay. *deep breath*

Y'all are wizards and deserve to be canonized for your efforts. Not sure if canonization is available to wizards, actually. Hmmm. But if it was, y'all should be.

Intellectually, I get it. Sounds like a workable method to attack clutter.

Let me get back to you on it, though. I have to rustle through some stuff to see what would be most useful to initiate this process.
do duck eggs count as clutter

I am getting rid of failed crafting endeavors ( 3 very large totes of wool sweaters that I felted to make stuff with )
If nothing else, donations are always good. Donate to homeless shelters, Salvation Army, or just find one of those drop-off points for "clothes and shoes" and leave it in it or next to it.

Just putting in front of your place or some place by the road with 'FREE" on it, works great.

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