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Jun 1, 2011
Any suggestions on how to remove dried poo off a chick? I noticed these 2 I just got have sticky bottoms and one actually has a bald behind from trying to remove it. Obviously it bothers them. I tried using peanut butter and it worked okay. Also I'm replacing the bedding daily. I just need to get a bigger box, and find this DE everyone has been talking about. The only thing I can think of is (compared to when I first started with chicks back in March) that it is much more humid now that it is June. If there's been a previous thread please point me in the right direction I'm just a newbie here, using my cell phone to type all this - thanks in advance
I take one at a time, turn the water on nice and warm in my sink, stick their butts under the water and take a piece of soft gauze and gently rub and pick till it comes loose. Do not just get a hold and pull it off, you can hurt them. This usually quits after about 3 weeks old. If you look to top of this page where it says search, type in pasty butts and you will find all kind of information. That is what it is called, pasty butt.
Good luck to you. There is a lot of information on here about it. Some works some don't. I find that certain breeds are bad with this others never get it. I don't really think that the food or anything else has anything to do with them getting it. It is just that some get it and some don't. I've been going through an awful bout with it with my new Brahma babies.
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Exactly, I just use a piece of paper towel with warm water and hold it on the clump til it starts to soften, then it all starts pulling off, kind of pinch it then pull it off..usually a symptom off something else I.e. Stress or too much heat, not enough humidity or if they're small another byc'er told me to hold off food til the 2nd day out of the incubator and that has worked a treat for me
we've been battling pasty butt with our silkie, Louise, and filling a small tupperware container with warm water to soak her bottom in has worked well, the running water kinda freaked her out, it's basically a sitz bath for chickens. we also add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to her water, this seems to be helping! good luck! oh and watch out once you get the poop cleaned off they usually reward you with a massive poop!
I had this problem with a couple mine and I used a plastic tub with warm water and held their behinds in for a minute to soften it up. They actually calmed down when I pit her in the warm water, I think they kind of enjoyed it.
Maybe your water was a little to warm. Mine really seem to like the warm water running over their back ends. lol I guess it doesn't matter to much what technique you use just so it works for you. lol I tell you this much, with 29 of these turd birds (pun intended) and having to clean them about every day or so, I've become quite the good peep poop cleaner. They are about over it now, only had 2 to do yesterday. They are growing out of it now. I have found that after about 2-3 weeks, it's done with breeds that I've had.
Once the bottom is clean and dry, you can use a Q-tip to gently apply some olive oil around the vent. This will make poos stick a little less and make it easier to clean up.

DE won't do anything for pasty butt and there are some who disagree with its use because of respiratory concerns. It has a fine dust that can scar the lungs. You may consider using Oxine AH without activator for cleaning, health, and biocide uses.
I agree with the other posts. I use a nice warm cloth and put their butts under nice warm water and gently rub it as it softens until it is off then dry them off as best as I can.
I am very new to raising chicks and I read many books but I just can't get this pasty butt of my chicks behind. I am very scared I might hurt her because she chirps very loud when I ran water over her backside and when I put her in a small rubber ware container with a little Luke warm water. Please help me!
Yup, everyone here has great ideas for cleaning up the pasty butts. Very important to do so. I had 2 out of 16 that had this problem. It stopped after the 1st week.
I take a chicky size bowl with warm water in it. Soak his little behind and work it loose with a q-tip. when he's all good and clean I dry his butt with a cotton ball. I never used the olive oil trick, But that's a great idea.

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