Removing the rooster from flock


Aug 29, 2019
I have a Dominique rooster and hen. I also have two Wellsummers hens. The Dominique hen is my rooster's favorite. She is also the smallest. I didn't plan on having a rooster. I ended up with one from the "pullets". I currently have 10 eggs in the incubator due to hatch in a few days. I need to re-home the rooster. We wanted hens for eggs. My family won't eat the eggs now because they are fertilized. Sorry, my question is, if I remove him from the flock, will the other hens(Wellsummers) start picking on the Dominique? She is never far from the rooster. I am worried also because she is smaller than the other two hens. I got them all at the same time as chicks. They are around 7 months old now. Anyone have any issues with this? Thanks!
The only issue I noticed differently when I removed my rooster was that his favorite hen was pushed off the roost at night by 2 other hens so she started sleeping in nesting box. They would peck at her feet till she was forced to jump off. She's lowest on pecking order and had always slept next to rooster. Once I placed separators on my single roost it gave her a safe place where they could no longer peck her feet-problem solved. I might should add that size doesn't always matter. In my flock my smallest hen is at the top of the pecking order.
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I understand rehoming the rooster if your primary reason for having chickens was for the eggs. But also, I think it's bizarre that anyone would refuse to eat eggs simply because they might or might not be fertilized. Not all the eggs will be fertilized with the rooster living there with the hens, and fertilized eggs taste the same as unfertilized - unless or until you left them in the nest box for a week in very hot weather and they started to develop - which seems highly unlikely. Only then might they taste or look any different (except the bulls-eye indicator on the yolk which many people don't know to look for). Am I missing something?

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