Replacement chicks inbound!

Coops Dad

Free Ranging
May 10, 2020
too close to Waco, TX
We've got about 10 hens who stopped pulling their weight in the egg department so they're soon to be used in the crockpot for stew or in our dog's raw feed program, depending on the carcass.

In the interim, their replacements are being hatched out. I've got a flock of Ameraucanas with a few RIRs, two New Hampshires and a handful of BYMs (barnyard mixes) presided over by two gorgeous Ameraucana roosters. They're brothers, one is gray with gold saddle and hackles, and the other is gray with fiery orange saddle and hackles. I know which hens lay what, so I chose the darkest brown eggs and the blues blues and greenest greens from the week's production and fired up the good ol' Nurture Right 360. The pic doesn't do the eggs colors proper justice.

Twenty-two bullets in the chamber with twenty-one days to go.


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