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Hi all- new here and looking at putting my brooder together this week. I had an iguana for many years and still have all of the stuff, including a few reptile hot rocks. Iguana Joe would sit on it and warm his belly. I have never seen anyone recommend these so I wondered if they were too hot- or if there was another reason they were not used. It makes sense on a basic level that they would help the little ones stay warm. Let me know if anyone has ideas on this. Thanks
They are probably more expensive than a heat lamp for the number of chicks a rock could keep warm. I would also wonder if being able to be pressed up on one side of a rock would keep them warm enough.
The heated rocks are very hard to calibrate for temperature. My vet even discouraged me from using them for my reptiles because they are unpredictable and malfunction often becoming too warm for safety of the pets. He suggested the pig blankets instead. They are under tank heating pads so the critters are not in direct contact with the heat source but it can disperse through the tank bottom glass before they feel it. Just my thoughts, definitely not an expert...yet.
Never use them . they are chronic to malfunction and cause bad burns whe they do. If you want sometthing reliable for heat from the reptilefield that we use for heat use "Flexwatt heat tape" along with a Ranco, Johnson or Helix thermostat. We use it for heating cages, creating hotspots and can also be used for creating bators. go to, they have all that stuff. But check for the temperature ranges for the tape first.
I put a larger flat rock from outside in the brooder. They love it!
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