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Jul 2, 2011
I have in my care two pekin ducks one came from a shelter another was rescued by my daughter's boy friend. Neither had access to water for bathing in a very long time if ever. As soon as they got into the aviary they both got in the tub and splashed and dove all night this morning they finally got out and had some layer mash and romaine lettuce. It is probably the first time they have also had a companion duck. My concern is their bills appear to be terribly discolored. My guess is poor diet and no bathing facility combined to cause this. Are there things I should be adding to their diets to improve this or will it correct in time with proper husbandry? I was thinking of speeding up the cleanup process by giving them a shampoo but I really don't want to remove the oils from their feathers and think they will clean up naturally over a few days.
They are more likely to be crossbreds rather than pure pekins; hence, the off colored bills. Continue on as you have been doing, and they will be fine.
Aww, I am so happy for them! They are adorable.
I'd just add a bit more cut up greens and veggies if you can, unless they can get out a bit and eat some grass and bugs. They don't look like purebred Pekins to me, but I am not all that great on breed identification.
Good luck with them! They sure are lucky ducks!!
They are beautiful :)

Not sure if they have any pekin in them, but they look like they could be part indian runner.

I don't know anything about color genetics (I think there is a sticky on that topic), but their coloring looks lavender to me, and with that I think unusual bill colors is pretty normal (is that an oxymoron?). I'm no expert though, maybe someone with more knowledge will chime in.

In my experience though, with 8 runners, their bills change color and it is normal. The orange bills have turned green and brown, the black bills have turned green, and so on. My understanding is that it has to do with hormones, becoming sexually mature, and coming into laying age. Haven't done a lot of research on it though.

Just keep an eye on them for any other issues or abnormal behavior (not eating/drinking enough, weight loss, weird poops, lethargy, etc.), but I think their bills are normal.

Yay! They really are beautiful ducks!
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