RESCUED, blue silkie chicks


8 Years
Mar 12, 2011
Oak Hills
so I have been on the lookout for silkies for a few months now and I kept getting told by the feed barns and co ops next month well yesterday I called around again and all there story's changed to we don't deal in bantys
ok? w/e so I go on craigslist and I am looking for silkies well I find an add thats close to me out in barstow well the guy says in the add he has pure blue silkie chicks and he has 8 well I txt him and he says yep I got 5 well I say ill be there this morning at 9 and I get directions from him well I google it and its barstow country butchering............ok I think to myself so i txt him back and ask if thats rite well sure enough so I drive the hour out there and get there what I discovered was the most HORRIBLE thing I have ever seen in my life the BUTCHER building is decrepit and falling apart there is trash EVERY were old cars as we walk to the chicken coop I have to walk over a LARGE pile of manure to get into the door theirs rabbits goats and silkies every were and I walk in the coop and look up the side of the coop is just chicken mesh and on the other side is a pile of HEADS cow,goat,sheep, everything just out in the sun rotting and the ODOR OMG!!!! then it gets worse he tells me he only has 3 left 2 died and I doscover why he has them in the coop in a plywood box NO heating lamp its FREEZING in there and there in the sand I pull the chicks put and they are half frozen to death and I tell him listen you can see what shape there in you arent dumb and im not dumb i dont think they are gonna make it to lets negotiate a better price so instead of 4 a piece he sold me them for 2 a piece I got them to the car CRANKED the heater (i almost died of heat lol) and got them warm went to a liqour store bought a bottle of water and proceeded to nurse them rite there finnaly I get them moving around peeping and they even started playing and pecking at the seat so into the box they go with a lil blanket and I drive the hour back home well when i get there I hear no peeping in the box a bit scared I open it and they start jumping around for me to pick up so I put them in the sun to warm up and move around and get them food and water and discover they would rather eat DIRT so I pick them up and into the brooder with paper towels they go till they got the hang of eating there chick start
and here they are

a closer image

heres the tiniest one he/she was the worst of poor lil thing was shivering so bad it was like a cell phone on vibrate
Gee, people are .......Ugh, I have no good words......

Good for you for taking on these babies! I hope they have a long and happy life with you!
Hurray for saving chickie birds!
Poor little things.
I would hate to see that place....I would probably thieve all the animals and set the place on fire.

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