Rescued Hens From Battery Cages Unite

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    Hi guys. I do go to the big city twice a year here and rescue white and brown layers from the egg producing factory. They sell off white and brown layers for a buck or two each. Usually I get 100 of each, bring em home, quarantine them till they are healthier and regained their strength.

    Last April I got a couple hundred more. Here is a couple of pics in July 2012 after they have revamped and grew some feathers back. My sister and grand neices volunteered to give em treats...LOL

    A couple more rescue pics... A pair of beautiful Japanese Black Tail and Seabrights owner gave up on them, poor conditions I took them from. A few ducks that were attacked by raccoons. They were older and the owner was going to kill them. He offered them to me so I fixed them up and got them new homes.

    .[​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  2. Good for you! Wow, that is a bunch of chickens!

    Hey, I have an idea for ya. Get the worlds greatest white leghorn rooster and put with those battery hens, then hatch what would potentially be the best layer out there. Start your own hatchery and then..........Well I could be taking things too far, eh?

    Glad to see you taking care of the battery hens.
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    LOL I do that on a regular basis except this year I am converting the upper floor of my barn as a husbandry. I am setting up several nesting areas behind 1/4 inch wiring... approx 20 stations. I allow individual hens, my broody ones to hatch out . I have over 20 roosters and quite a variety. No shortage of fertile eggs, that's for sure.

    With all the rescue birds I do the flea markets on Sundays and sell fresh eggs and never come back home with eggs. Very good sellers at the markets. Once the birds are healthy I put an add in the paper and sell them for $3.00 each and the locals can have their own eggs. Works well for me and the birds get a real life after all !!

    Thanx for the comment... Chickens do deserve a life outside battery cages... Steve

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