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    Hi for my english class I am writing a paper on raising backyard chickens. Like trying to convince everyone to own them. I am trying to think of some good things to say other than meat, pets,and eggs. I need an interview too. if you activley breed chickens and are knowledgeable PLEASE PM me if you are willing to help with my interview. i need as many opinions as I can get. If you have any helpful websites or stories that i could include that would help my case that chickens are the best and should be allowed everywhere! I will for sure give you credit for your help.
    Thanks so Much!!![​IMG]
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    You should get a hold of the Florida family that fought to keep them for their autistic son as pets. THey helped him come out of his shell.
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    Meat and eggs are really the big ones. Free range chicken egg yolks can become a really deep orange color.

    Chickens are really good at turning compost piles over too. In the spring I put a big fence up around our and turn some hens loose in there. Once they figure out that there are worms to be had, they'll work it like crazy.

    There is also the manure aspect. Chicken droppings are very very high in nitrogen. If you plan on using it on a garden, you have to let it season for at least a few months otherwise it will burn your crops.
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    Here are two links to a French town and a Belgian town that have chick give aways to families, in order to reduce waste in the landfills. You might want to google it a little more for more details. In addition to meat, eggs, pets, don't forget the fertilizer they produce for gardeners! Chickens are also good in pasture management, as they scratch apart cow/horse manure looking for the insects in the manure. By scratching apart the cow pies, it allows the manure to break down and assimilate back into soil much quicker, giving a healthier pasture. Check on Polyface Farms, Joel Salatin does his pastures this way.

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