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My boyfriend's parents thought we were nuts to get chickens and roll their eyes when I talk about getting more. I've only had them 4 months and I'm already plagued with chicken math problems.

We live in a residential neighborhood in Scottsdale. Our property is about 1/4 acre with a small ranch style house. The backyard is about 7,000 sq ft but only about 1/3 of that is grass, the rest is concrete patio or the typical southwestern pebble rock yard. The coop and run are in the grass part of our yard. The chickens stay in that area all day and then are locked in the coop at night.

The coop is an 8ft x 5 1/2 ft shed and the run is 8x8. From what I've read I could have like 11-14 hens in a coop that size and approx. 7 in the run if they were to be confined to it which they aren't unless we go out which is rare. I work from home which is why they are able to free range all day.

I know many people on the forums have small ranches or even farms and are able to hatch and breed chickens and have dozens or even hundreds of birds but for those of us in cities and residential neighborhoods with smaller back yards I'd like to get an idea of how many chickens you are cramming into your residential yard.

So for giggles and for use as "SEE "so and so" has a yard our size and has X chickens" for when I want more, I have some questions for you to answer.

You can approximate of course.

Total property size:
Size of area chickens are kept:
Coop size:
Run size:
Run or ranged the majority of the time?:
Number of chickens:

I filled it out as an example

Total property size: 12,000 sq ft (1/4 acre)
Size of area chickens are kept: Backyard is surrounded by a 5-6ft high block wall and is approx 7,000, after excluding the pool, patio, cabana and area that is rock instead of grass the chickens are left to roam about 1,500 sq ft.
Coop size: 44 sq ft (8x5.5)
Run size: 64 sq ft (8x8)
Run or ranged the majority of the time?: range
Number of chickens: 4
Roosters: 0
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Total property size: 1 acre
Size of area chickens are kept: 3/4 acre
Coop size: 4 x 8
Run size: 16 x 20
Run or ranged the majority of the time?: out and about most of the time
Number of chickens: 8 hens, 1 rooster
Roosters: 1

Well we have 2 acres not what you are asking about, but we just moved from SF and our friends there have a teeny yard... not even an eighth of an acre and what they did is built a chicken run (enclosed tunnel) that encloses the entire square of the back yard and ends in a little coop-- they let their hens (4 ) out in the evenings under supervision and they even have a little goldfish pond in the middle.

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