Residual effect of permethrin?


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Jun 15, 2007
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Is there a residual effect of permethrin solution sprayed in chicken house? Will the spray keep on killing the mites/lice that may be hiding there? And for how long? Why would poulty mites hide in the coup? I thought they lived on the chicken. :/Is there also residual killing of mites/lice when a chicken is dipped in permethrin solution? Will the dip residue kill off the newly hatched ones? I know it doesn't kill the eggs. Or do we need to repeat both these treatments in 7 to 10 days? Jeez, I hate mites/lice.
The best strategy in the coop is to seal all the joints where two boards meet with caulking or fast drying mastic. They love to hide in the cracks during the day.

As far as the residual effects I am not sure on that one. Have you tried doing a search?
These pests were on my bird all the time. Well, until we bathed her they were anyway. Why would some of them hide in the chicken house?

I read somewhere there is a residual effect but not for how long or why you then have to retreat.

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