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    Hello! I have quite a few chickens and a lot of dreams about breeding them! I have done tons of reading on this forum and there is so much good information, but it would be so helpful to have all of it in one place, like a book!

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a beginners guide to breeding birds? Something that covers some basic genetics, how traits get inherited, and the practicalities of doing it? I've got chickens, the will, and time, but am lacking in the know-how!
    Thank you, and happy new year!
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    Buff Coloration in Poultry 2008

    Hi and welcome!
    Here ya go:

    I was breeding Light Sussex at the time I wrote this so that is why the Sussex lit is in there.
    If I could have only 10 books in my Library they would be :

    1. Genetics of Chicken Colours-The Basics
    Just an exceptional hugh qualityhardback. The front 1/2 of the book is an esyto understand course on poultry color. The back 1/2 is a color atlas of chicken colors captioned with their geentic formulas. Simply indispensible if you are doing any color breediing. More than worth every penny! I won one.

    2. Genetics of Chicken Extremities
    This compaion volume is a it more scientifc covering genetics of everything else but color. I don't own a copy yet and really want one!

    3. APA 2010 Standard of Perfection
    Absolute must have! Contains all the offical Standards. The 1st 40 pages extremely educational, Illustrations, articles, defintions, etc.

    4. The Sussex Fowl
    By Sharpe 1920 .
    Sharpe was one of the 3 great secrateries of the Sussex Poultry Club
    in England. The other 2 were Leo Outram and Judge Clem Watson.
    Sharpe was a legendary Sussex breeder and originated the
    Light Sussex. This book is a classic. ( read online free)

    5. 21st Century Poultry Breeding
    by Grant Brereton
    Excellent on bredign and esp. color breeding.

    6. Laws governing the breeding of standard fowls. c.1
    by Card, Wetherell Henry. Published 1912
    This is a small 55 page book. A treasure of distilled knowledge.;view=1up;seq=5
    Note these are Laws, not opinions or theories. Judge Card was known
    for his ability to take a complicated genetics topic and make it simple.
    (read online free). One of my absolute fav poultry books.

    7. The Light Sussex
    by Broomhead, William White, 1875-
    Published 1921;view=2up;seq=4
    W.W. Broomhead was one of the three Broomhead brothers who were noted poultry men in England. He was a Sussex expert and Judge for the Sussex Poultry Club. He later went on to become President of the Poultry Club of Britain. This little 8 page gem is a classic because of the author's distinguished reputation and his insightful knowledge of the breed. W.W. Broomhead also edited one of the editions of the Poultry Club Standards as well as the Sussex Standard itself.
    It matters not which variety one has, this brochure's study of breed type applies to all. Type is the breed. Blood tells. ( read free online )

    American Poultry Advocate - Volume 26 - Feb. 1918 - Page 202
    The Proper Color of Speckled Sussex
    An article written by Mr. A. J. Falkenstein,
    the leading English breeder of Speckled Sussex,
    A speech given in 1917 ( read free online)
    During this period, many Speckled Sussex had a more ginger colored
    ground color rather than the desired dark color. Mr. Falkenstein
    popularized the darker color and, following his lead, the Sussex fancy
    moved the Speckled Sussex to the lovely mahogany bay ground color
    we see today. You can see the change in the tobacco cards issued:
    1911 :
    1930's :
    One of the interesting parts of this speech are the instructions on
    selecting for proper color while the chick is in chick down.

    And for deeper study

    9. the 3 DVD set
    by Danne Honour
    which includes much rare lit on the "Art of Breeding".
    This is over 1,000 pages as I remember, of collected articles on the "art" of breeding poultry.
    Wid Card was Danne's uncle's uncle. Danne is considered the Dean of the Buff color.
    Renowned for his Buff Leghorns. Danne also has a huge collection of articles in a PDF online (free) called
    "Buff Coloration in Poultry 2008" .
    (see URL at the top of this post) It is 100's of pages of articles on breeding the color Buff. There is one called,
    " The True Gospel Of the Color Buff", written by Card which Danne says is the best article on the subject he has ever read.

    10. Art and Science in Breeding : Creating Better Chickens
    by Margaret E. Derry.
    A fantastic book on the development of poultry breeding by a
    talented author who writes on the various histories of animal breeding.
    Ms. Derry has a wonderful turn of the pen when writing about
    the history of animal breeding. She has had published a total
    of 6 books. These 3 books are listed in order of year published:

    Bred for Perfection: Shorthorn Cattle, Collies and Arabian Horses since 1800 (2003)
    By Margaret E. Derry

    Art and Science in Breeding: Creating Better Chickens
    By Margaret E. Derry

    and coming in Nov. 2014:
    Masterminding Nature: The Breeding of Animals, 1750-2010
    By Margaret E. Derry

    Bookfinder is a massive mega booksearch database. Been around a long time.
    Some of these books may be available as used editions for a good price. Beware if you find SOP's tho. The APA never relinquished their copyright on the SOP. Some fly-by-night reprinters have taken the old pre-1926 editions and reprinted them illegally. Nabu Press is one of them. Often they are cheap OCR copies with many typos because of the cheap scanning.
    For me, the first 3 books are simply essential.
    Best Success,
    Karen ( awaiting my White Chantecler chickens next Aug.)
    in western PA, USA
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    Wow, thank you SO MUCH for such a thorough reply! Lots of resources to get started with!
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    More than welcome. If you give me a list of your breeds, I can send you some breed-specific info,
    Happy New Year,
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    I have silver laced Wyandottes, Barred rocks and Buff Orpingtons. I don't especially want to show them but want to breed them for production and just to be nice, beautiful birds. (I know this is the SOP thread but I figured you guys would know a lot!) I'm also interested in starting an olive egger project. So many chicken breeding dreams!
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