Respiratory illness


Jun 21, 2022
New member here! Seeking advice on treating upper respiratory infection on my juvenile chickens. I have tried the Tylan 50 injection and learned that I am not so good at it. It leaks right back out of the infection site. Is there anything else I can give them for treatment? I just bought fish amoxicillin 500 mg. Local farm owner told me I could use this and if so can anyone tell me if that’s correct and how much is the dosing before I do?????


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From what I've read amoxicillin doesn't work for respiratory infections, but maybe it could. The dose is 57mg per pound of weight given orally twice a day, I don't know how long to give it though, I would say about 10 days.
I’ve had so many people telling me to get them antibiotics. I’ve been using the Tylan 50 injection and it seems to be doing something for them. My girl Rosie stopped wheezing and seems to be clearing up. Not sure if she’s been getting enough though cause when I inject her and pull needle out the medicine leaks back out. But maybe she’s getting some of it!
You know that you can give the Tylan 50 orally don’t you? How much are you giving? What are the symptoms that you have seen?
No I was unaware ! Is that safe for them? I’ve been doing 0.5 ml injection with 22 gauge but it leaks right back out. I can’t get a second pair of hands to help so I can try the breast. So the Tylan won’t upset their stomachs?

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