Respiratory problems in Mixed Flock

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    Sep 25, 2009
    Okay, I have zero experience with livestock. Husband and I are working toward a homestead. So last week he brought home 7 chickens. An adult black orpington rooster, 2 adult Rhode Island Red Hens, a white hen (no idea what she is), an adult Buff Laced Polish (maybe rooster), and 2, two month old baby americanas. After the first day I noticed the larger Rhodie was sneezing and gasping, so I went to the local feed store and bought her some Poultry RX. Doused the flock except the babies under wings, on head & in their beak as instructed. Also treated their water.

    Obviously wasnt enough to cure them but all but the original Rhodie seem to be better. I was looking to treat them with terramycin but I read it wasnt for use in layers (the smaller Rhodie is giving me about 2 eggs a day). Im also concerned about the babies.

    Any suggestions for treating the entire flock? Roosters, Layers & Babies?
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