Response to Hotwire Upgrade


Crossing the Road
14 Years
Sep 19, 2009
Holts Summit, Missouri
Recently, I tore down and replaced hotwire strands making for a semi-permeable barrier on barn openings. Previously the chickens just stumbled through wires getting shocked pretty good every once in a while, but still they went through. Upgrade has fencing so middle strand is grounded and the top and bottom wires are hot. Wires are also much tighter and a little closer together so getting through is tougher. A game pullet has come up with a unique approach I have not seen previously with respect to hotwire. She jumps it, no flying involved, not even flapping her wings for balance. The games readily fly over fence in the field and often fly much higher and further than needed to avoid getting shop. Here approach clearly indicated she did not want to touch the wires. She walked back and forth looking closely at wires paying particular attention to where wires were attached to insulators. She picked a spot away from fence post, walked up to within about 9", then jumped in a manner that looked like skipping clearing the wires by couple of inches. She then walked straight door of her pen and walked in allowing me to close door behind her. She is a smart one for sure and will be getting shot at breeding pen shortly.
I watched a hen jump 8 feet straight up the PO of this poor girl had severely clipped both wings down to nubs (poor girl), she did flap those nubs. Almost all of my pullets will have the right wing very lightly clipped to trough them off balance. I do this for training them, and when they molt I dont need to (in most cases) ever clip a wing again. Good luck!

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