Feb 22, 2008
Kingman, AZ
I hope this is in the right topic.

We recieved the check for restitution for the loss of our hens by a neighbor's dog from the court today, and while it cannot replace the lives andpersonalities of our former flock or ease the memory of that awful morning, it will at least help with the construction of a new brooder, coop, and run that we are building to house the chicks we have coming next month.

The neighbor has made some major changes, and is doing a much better job of keeping the little Houdini confined. He had killed geese, ducks and other chickens at other neighbors, and even killed off her (the neighbor's)own flock. I think that finally catching the dog in the act and going to court with it helped make her accountable. She's had a pretty tough life and is really trying to turn it around. This is another step forward for her.
You're right...It WON'T replace your other birds...BUt at least she's learned her lesson and will be better at keeping her dog home.

Good luck with your new chicks.

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