Returning from a long time absents from BYC


Oct 19, 2009
Paicines, Ca
Hi folks! I've been away for quite a few years - life's ups and downs with a period of atrophy which brings me to this new day with new hopes and renewed interests. My chicken coupe needs paint, and new defenses against an army of marauding ground squirrels, bobcats and coyotes. I currently only have two turkeys, one tom, a hen and one lone chicken that is well beyond the age of laying eggs. After refurbishing the coupe, I want to restock it with five or six chickens for egg production. The only retailer of live chicks in my area has gone out of business, so I will need to use the postal service ... maybe just order fertile eggs as I have a small hatcher that I can bring out of retirement. I need to decide on the best breed for my area. Anyway, it is good to be back with you good people!

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