Returning member - now in Central KY


5 Years
May 2, 2015
Magnolia, KY
Hi, all,

I took a hiatus from the poultry world for a couple years. Now resettled in Central Kentucky on 55 acres of beauty and starting my flock anew. God help me but we have TSC, Menards AND Rural King here...and if you don't have Rural King near you, your chicken math will definitely not be as bad as mine! They offer chicks YEAR-ROUND! :wee

Anyway, the flock now consists of some lovely standards and banties...but I'm looking forward to spring to hit the local poultry swaps and order some of the rarer breeds we had years ago (particularly, Seramas, Saipans, Bielefelders, Swedish hens, rare Cochin colors, etc.).

Just wanted to say hi and hopefully connect with some other folks in KY, TN, OH and IN!

Happy Holidays to all!
Welcome back to precious poultry!:D

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