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Sep 6, 2019
Hello Community:

I am Nisa and I've returned because I am raising a new flock of baby ducklings. You were all so helpful with my first flock. I have 8 2 week old (almost 3 weeks old) ducklings in this new flock-all females-2.jumbo pekin, 2 welsh harlequin, 2 cayuga, and 2 swedish blues. I was hoping to let them out in their play pen today, but the temperature isn't expected ti get above 70 degrees. Can the ducklings withstand this temp? I appreciate your guidance & feedback!
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Congrats on the new ducklings! It would be fun to see a photo of them.
During the day out of any wind they would probably be okay you’d need to watch their body language. Give them an area where they have sun and shade so they can be in either. If they are cold they will pile up and not move around. I don’t believe I’d offer swimming water at those temps. Welcome back!
Hi Nisa - it’s great that you have re-joined us. I’m sure the duck peeps will be able to help with your question.
Thank you, Miss Lydia, BlueBaby, NFC, Texas Kiki, Penny1960, Meg-in-MT, and Pork Pie! It's nice to be back and I so appreciate your wisdom & feedback. Here is a pic of the new babies from their first backyard excursion.


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