Rhoade island girl meets Bielefelder boy


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Oct 4, 2014
Reading, PA
Happy Easter to all, I have a question that I must ask and there is no better place then here.
I have had Biels for a few years now and RR in a second coop. The egg production from my biels have been very disappointing since birth so before I chose to get rid of them I figured I would try something.
I mated Biel rooster with RR hens and as planned I have very fertile eggs. I did a test hatch and I had 16 out of 18 eggs hatch. Anyhow time to get to the point. Has anyone else done the same and if so what was your results?? sexlink for the 1st generation, egg production, size, looks ???
I'm certain I am not the first to do this but 1 interesting thing I have noticed by week 4 is they are of large size and it does appear they are sex linked (at least for this 1st generation.)
Thank you
That cross wouldn't produce sex link chicks.
What differences are you seeing that makes you suspect they are?
I would think all of them would look pretty much the same.
Any pics? You have me curious.
The noticeable difference is 1/2 are dark with stripes and the other 1/2 are light colored no stripes. Photograph attached.


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That is the sad part. I never marked them and now the all look similar. I have a hatch beginning to peep today so I'll mark them at birth and keep track.


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Hello again and still looking for feedback from anyone that tried the same as I did.
To date this is what has taken place. Today I have my 2nd hatch taking place and I'm taking a more detailed approach. I have 9 chicks to date and once again they are only 2 colors. a light sand color and a darker brown with black stripes. I marked the black stripes and did not mark the sand color. I'm thinking the dark striped/marked chicks are females due to that being the case for the Beil sex link. The light sand color looks just like the Beil males but they do not have the white spot on their heads. Checkout the 2 photographs I posted to show what I'm explaining.
The sad part is the 1st hatch I have is now a good 4 weeks old and they look very much the same in regards to the color pattern that is appearing on their tiny feathers. I failed to mark them so they will not be part of my furthered discussion. 1 last thing worth stating about the 1st hatch is they are taller then normal and very active. Final note the RR and the Beils are of pure blood. Thank you


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