Rhode island red crosses and genetics questions

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    Aug 31, 2014
    Hello My name is Bridget. I'm new to the chicken world. I recently bought six chicks from a feed store. All survived and I now have...

    1 rhode island red rooster
    1 rhode island red hen
    2 barred rocks
    2 silver laced wyandottes

    I just love bird genetics. I have bred parakeets for about 14 years now. I take pride in knowing the chicks color mutations before they hatch. It's a fun game playing with genetics, at least I think. So my questions are as follows...

    What do you get when you cross rir rooster to br hen?
    What do you get when you cross rir rooster with silver laced wyandottes?
    Where can I find more info about chicken color genetics or who here should I learn from?

    Thank you very much. Happy egging.
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    I don't know much about chicken genetics, but I do know that a Rhode Island Red Rooster crossed with a Barred Rock hen will create sex-linked chicks. It is actually a pretty common cross to make and creates what is called a "Black Sex-Link". At hatch, the females are all black, while the males have a white spot on their heads. The females grow up black with some orange on the breast and neck, and the male becomes barred.

    A RIR x Silver Laced Wyandotte cross should produce sex-linked chicks as well.

    Here is a link with information on sex-linked crosses: https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/261208/sex-linked-information
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    Red over barred = black sex link
    Red over silver = red sex link

    You can find tons of info here on this site - either in the learning center or by searching through the threads that are available. There are some great folks that know almost everything you could ever want to know here - as you read through the threads you'll start to see the folks that know their stuff on genetics, start sending some PMs to a few of them.
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