Rhode Island Red gone Broody


6 Years
Jun 11, 2013
North Carolina
I live in NC on the East Coast. Fall is right around the corner along with hurricanes. I had one Red go broody already this year and she is raising 15 chicks that she has hatched. This is about a month ago. Now I have another Red that has gone broody and I'm wondering if it's to late in the year for her. Should I let her do her thing and sit on them to see what happens, or just grab the eggs from under her, until she figures out what I'm doing and she go about her ways? If you know NC, its about to be fall and the chilly nights are around the corner with tropical storms already hitting the area with hurricanes a brewing. Any ideas what I should do with this one? Just a little FYI. Today will be day 1 she is sitting on them. There are a mix of Leghorn eggs and Reds eggs she is sitting on. From the last batch that our other Red hatched, had a White chicken come from a brown egg. We have two roosters, one leghorn, and one red to handle 9 leghorn females and 9 red females. They sometimes go into each others flock to say Hi. lol.
The cooler weather should not be a problem for a mama. I imagine hurricanes will be much the same threat to the adults as chicks. It's really up to you, whether you want more chicks or not. Many people don't consider them truly broody until they've spent two days and nights on the nest. If you decide to take the eggs and not hatch, it's best to break her if possible.

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