Rhode Island Red or Not? + What Gender?

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8 Years
Nov 13, 2011
I'm still questioning my other Chicken's breed and gender. We thought it was a Rooster because it always stood tall and proud and fought with the other two, also has thicker legs and what I call a "beard".
And we still can't figure out the breed. We named him Cinnamon. Guesses?

I would say rooster because of the tail and I think I see saddle feathers but its hard to tell. But he seems too light and orangey color for a RIR. I'm just basing this on my own roo, I am in no way an expert!
Rooster, but I'd need better pictures of the neck and the tail to be sure. And yes, most likely a hatchery rhode island red.
Yes, definitely a rooster and I'm thinking from the lighter color that he's a Production Red.
Okay. Thanks for all of your help :) I'll send more pictures I can find because he left along with Harmony, so I can't take new pictures.

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