Rhubarb, Indian Corn and Combs...

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9 Years
Jun 13, 2010
We have three questions, can anyone help us find answers?

1. We're getting ready to clean out my flower beds. There are some rhubarb plants in one bed...can the chickens have them?
2. We bought some indian corn for Halloween decorating, it has gotten wet and started to sprout. I know it's just corn but it's colored, so is it ok for feed?
3. And last but not least. Our girls are about 15 weeks old, I was expecting their combs so be much more developed....when do they get "nice" combs and not just a tiny thing?

Thanks for your help, KimberlyJ
Rhubarb leaves are poisonous to mammals I don't know about chickens but I'd toss them into the compost. As far as the corn that shouldn't hurt them as long as it hasn't gotten moldy. As to the combs, the size depends on the breed of chicken as well as the sex.

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