Rhyme With the Word Above You.


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May 23, 2022
All you have to do is rhyme with the most recent word posted!

  • Please only post one word per post
  • NEVER post anything rude or offensive in the slightest.
  • Keep it family friendly. (No swearing, rude comments, etc.)
  • Do not post any words that are impossible to rhyme with
  • Do not post any words that sound like swear words
  • Do not exclude anyone
  • Make sure you have read the BYC Terms of Service
  • Have fun!
A) By participating in this game, I promise that all BYC Rules will be followed and that I have read and understood the Role Play Rules that are in a sticky at the top of the Games forum.

B) I promise that all content is to be rated G and suitable for all ages.

C) I promise that there will be no swearing, cursing (including censoring by using symbols) or inappropriate adult sexual activity or innuendo. This extends to mating, breeding or innuendo in non-human characters as well.

D) I promise to treat others with respect and kindness as is the BYC way.

E) I promise not to post any material that is a violation of copyright. Basically this means: if you didn't create the content (like an image / picture) and don't have direct permission from the content creator to post it, then don't.
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