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Aug 20, 2015
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It doesn't matter for most things but I know aviation won't employ pilots who are colour blind. There are a number of activities that require correct colour visuals.
Neither will the electronic or explosive fields. But there are many who aren't color blind who struggle with the color coding on resisters and explosives. I suspect its because they see a different shade than what they're taught to see.

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Jan 1, 2016
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When we were doing the coop I went online & picked out my colours thinking I'd be quick enough the man wouldn't lose patience. What I initially chose had a yellow base tone ~ which they were out off. Everything I began looking @ also had that yellow base. It was what was giving the colour a * garden blend* shade. It got very frustrating until I was able to shift to a blue base but the man kept suggesting things & I kept refusing them because they didn't have the *pop* I wanted. He still has no idea what I'm talking about. :lol:
I let Mrs BY Bob pick the colors for Fluffy Butt Acres. Can you tell?

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