Rice to stop diarrhea (?)

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    I have heard before that you can use rice to stop diarrhea If anybody has done this could you please tell me what to do and how to do it I have done it before on dogs and cats numerous times but don't know if you would use the same procedure on chickens Any help will be greatly appreciated Thanx so much
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    Personally I would seek other methods. The only reason rice would work is because it absorbs water but if you give them too much, much like bread and ducks, it expands inside their bodys and kills them - it'd be alot safer just to look up poultry diseases or make sure they aren't stressed.
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    Here is my opinion on rice:
    Rice is safe to feed chickens (white rice is just a treat and has almost no nutrition)- just feed grit also or make sure they free range for grit and the gizzard will grind it up. Brown rice would be very good for them - like wheat berries or oats. It mustn't be the whole feed, as they need variety and protein as well.

    As for the diarrhea- is it diarrhea or a caecal poo?

    Caecal poos occur about one in every 8 poos from what I have read, and they are liquid. They are normal.

    However, if the poo is watery or if it is mostly liquid at every poo, that is abnormal. Worms can cause this, as can other diseases.

    Can you tell us the age of the chickens, what you are feeding, and if they are showing any other signs of illness? Any bloody poos? Any worms visible in the poos?


    Here is the poo page.
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