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Maybe you've tried this before or do this routinely, but tonight was the first time I've done this. We liked the result and will do it again.

I've been making a sort-of Oriental-style chicken and rice dish by cooking a pot of brown rice, then adding chopped cooked chicken (home-grown!), and frozen cooked carrots and broccoli, cut into bite-sized pieces. I used to make this dish with a white sauce, but now to cut calories I leave out the creamy sauce and instead moisten it with low-sodium soy sauce.

Today, after the rice was cooked I scrambled several raw eggs (home-grown!) in a bowl and poured them over the hot rice. Then I stirred the rice all around until the egg was thoroughly mixed through, and cooked. It made the rice taste richer, and there were only tiny bits of scrambled egg to see among the rice. It wasn't big fluffy bits of egg like you'd have at breakfast when you make scrambled eggs in a pan.

After I stirred the rice & egg together, I added the vegs & chicken. The only seasonings I used was some herbs & spices I put in the water when the rice was cooking. It's a fairly basic dish, you could jazz it up with Oriental spices, or cook the rice in chicken broth. You could use lots of other types of vegs too, carrots & brocccoli are what most of my family will eat, I have to stick with the common denominators.

I use to eat a lot of egg rice and cheese when I was with my last gf. That was about all she could cook.
Oh wow! De Ja Vu! I just gave the left overs to the chickens this morning! White rice cooked with diced carrots, and eggs and a liberal sprinkling of dried red peppers, yum, yum. They went nuts for it! ( so did DH)
There is a great rice and egg dish from Japan called OmuRice, it's described pretty well in this video clip from the movie TAMPOPO (butterfly). The premise of the movie is an odd assortment of characters try to help a woman improve the ramen noodles she serves in her restaurant. It is an essay of sorts on improving one's self by concentrating on every aspect of the being (or in this case every facet of the ramen noodle dish). A very cute movie

For omurice here I use leftover sticky rice, the red stuff is a Japanese item that is like catsup except it is sweet and a little hot (like a Mae Ploy sweet and hot sauce), I use Mae Ploy stirred into the sticky rice. And hen eggs of course. Very tasty.
I also take leftover fried rice from take out and fry it up once again and add beaten egg to it, then cook the eggs like scrambled eggs. The other night I got some kung pao chicken with fried rice and used some of each in my breakfast creation. So good.
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Fried rice is very popular in my country. But it's usually simple, just fried rice + a little scrambled eggs.

The fried rice alone is delicious without any additions.
I love fried rice! My homemade is the best! I also love Nasi Goreng, a Malaysian fried rice, which I learned to love for breakfast when I visited Kuching on the Island of Borneo back in 1999. The oolong tea, Nasi Goreng, and fresh fruit with those wonderful tiny bananas was my breakfast almost everyday. Yum.......

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