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I read somewheres a while ago that when you crack open an egg, if there is a ring instead of a solid white disk where the tiny disk is on the yolk, that it means it is fertile... anyone know if it is true?
I have checked several eggs compared to store bought eggs and it seems true since my chickens are with a rooster...
not a great pic, but the clearest I could get. The white ring is in the centre on the top of the yolk
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Jan 24, 2010
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Yes, it is true. It is called a "bullseye". If you have a solid white spot... that is infertile... if youhave a white ring, yellow ring, then white dot (even if it is very faint) then it is fertile. Problem is... you just cracked it!

However, if you plan on breeding and selling hatching eggs, it would be wise to crack three or more open a week to check. Random QA checks. Also, it is useful in discovering if eggs that candled clear were infertile or just didn't develope. Here is a tip, though... eggs straight from the incubator are warm... the yolk is more runny then. I put my hatching eggs I'm going to check under cold water for a few minutes and it firms up the yolk so I don't destroy it when I open the egg up to check.

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