RIP Chris 10 + yr old Hen


11 Years
Oct 28, 2008
I have had chickens now for a bit over 10 years.. it has been a joyous occasion since I have mainly kept them as a backyard hobby and pet- well that provides entertainment and eggs! I started my chicken venture before Easter of 2001 when I plucked 2 random peeps out of a large kiddie pool and gave a $5 donation to a local petting zoo. Not knowing anything about chickens I hoped that they would at least not both turn out to be roosters.. well lo and behold when they finally developed into the lovely ladies they were I ended up with a barred rock hen (Jean) and a lovely Rhode Island Red hen (Chris).. these two were the best of friends and took over the roost so to speak when my flock began to blossom. Over the years I added silkie pairs, random chicks from TSC, and order of small number of hens from Meyer Hatchery. Chris and Jean maintained there rule of the roost even with the mistake roosters that happened into my flock. Another luck of the draw was a lovely Light Brahma (kindly referred to as Eagle) who rounded out the 3 old hens.. I lost Jean over a year ago and Chris and Eagle took together and seemed to never be out of each others sight.. Unexpectedly I lost Eagle about 3.5 weeks ago.. not sure what happened.. I am thinking a chicken heart attack if that is even a possibility.. she was fine at night and then literally looked like she just fell over and died when I found her in the morning- no injury or trauma.. Eagle was around 7 years old.. This seemed to hit Chris pretty hard.. she never seemed to have much energy her last few days.. the night before she passed I gently picked her up and held her in my lap for quite some time.. I just seemed to know it was her time..I had promised her some grapes ( my chickens loved them) but store was out.. instead she got time with me. Chris seemed to pass quietly the next afternoon. I found her hidden away.. hopefully now frolicking with her buddies Eagle and Jean in Chicken Heaven... Chris lived to the age of 10 years and 2 months. I will miss her. I miss all of them. My last kind gesture was to bury her right next to Eagle.. RIP Chris!!
Having hens that live to that age is an indicator of how well you care for your chickens. Well done, and sorry for the losses.
Thank you for sharing about your lovely girls. I'm so sorry both Eagle & Chris were ready for the big free range in the sky. No doubt all three are together again ruling the roost. My sincerest condolences.
The payback you get for the time and expense you pay to take care of your birds is the love THEY show for you and the happiness they provide. SOunds like they were MORE than well taken care of and paid you back 10 fold. So many of us here know what that is about and how the loss feels to us. None of us can EVERY know how the loss feels to you and never believe someone that tells you they do. I would say from your story they had the best of a good life and when the time came for them to travel to the next place we will all go to someday you were there for them. They could ask for no better!!!!!
You must be a very good chicken mom to have your girls live such long and happy lives. Sometimes they just pass on like that and leave us wondering why. Very sorry for your losses of all your grand old ladies.
What a wonderful tribute. So sorry for your loss. I lost my lovely Attila the Hen last week. SHe was 7 and had such a wonderful spirit. I understand where you are coming from!

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