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    Mar 17, 2011
    Yesterday I noticed blood in poo, I was told it was cocci, sadly I was not able to save my sweet fluffy. But thankfully all the other girls seem to be okay. She was a weak little girl to start, but I will miss her. Thank you to everyone who helped me figure out what medicine to give my girls, and how much it is greatly appreciated and hopefully she will be the only one who is lost.



    I am very thankful for the few weeks I did get to spend with her. It was fun to watch her grow she was definatly a sweetie. Last night we brought her inside, put her in a box and locked her in the bathroom. It was hard to see her like that this morning, but we knew she wouldn't make it. She is now buried in the backyard. I just wished I would have realised something was wrong sooner, but I still have 23 beautiful babies, who are on their way to being nice healthy birds again!
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    [​IMG] I am so sorry for your loss. I hate losing a bird,especially if they're still young.
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