RIR and Buff Orpingtons SUCK!

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    I've raised all kinds of hens in the past. According to a lot of written information, I decided on RIR's and Buff Orpingtons as my current layer flock. I have 14, seven of each breed. I bought them in May of '08 and they never even laid an egg until they were 10 months old. From March of this year until the next to last week in May, we averaged 13 eggs per day. Since then we get only 7 at most and 5 on the low end per day. All they want to do is sit on empty nests. Never seen so many hens want to go broody. All of them are about to go in the stew pot--cost too flippin' much to just feed 'em. It will be all hybrids from now on!
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    Sounds like Hybrids may be just what you need. Good Luck with that.
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    You just need some Barred Rocks. Rarely ever go broody, lay every day. My RIRs are great layers and my Buff Orps are too, but my BRs really shine. Some strains are just better layers than others, I guess.
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    I have Ameraucana/mix and was told they will go broody constantly... Mine never have! 3 years old and nope, not a chance.
    So, try an Ameraucana- maybe its the water (JK)!
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    Never had my RIR or Orps go broody....I should be so lucky.

    Cheri [​IMG]
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    I'm guessing it's the bloodlines you have. I only wish I had a broody hen or two! [​IMG]
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    So do alot of BOs and RIRs not lay very well and what color of eggs?
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    Quote:I'll trade ya.
  9. Hi! Enjoy your stew.


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