RIR? confirmation or suggestions of possible cross please.


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Hi I obtained Harry a couple of months ago as a RIR, to my limited knowledge he looks right but then other days he just doesn't look right but maybe that's just me having a bad day.


6mths old now


If he is RIR and he is bred with my Australorps and Isa Browns are the possibilities of his chicks being fast growing very high?

Thanks in advance people.
Yes I say RIred or what they call Prodution red . As far as the crosses they grow at a good healthy rate and you'll just be surprised at the crosses with the Black Austrlorp. I did this cross a couple a years back and ended up with a beautiful Black with dark red hackle and saddle feathered roo. When i get my sister to help me with the pics. I'll post some. I'm not to good on computers I'm just an ol' chicken farmer. The females or this cross are solid black.
Now when I crossed my PRed roo with the Gold sex-links (similar to your ISA's) I ended up with multiple colored of reds, solid whites, and more red and whites. It's fun seeing all the different colors this cross makes. By the way pretty red rooster.
Thanks for the comments, he came from a poultry enthusiast hobby farm half a days drive from here.

From what I've been able to read production reds are a lighter more mottled colour. These pics aren't much good cause of the shading but he is a deep mahogany colour all over cept for his green tail.

Doesn't really bother me much but I desperately was missing my old roo
sadly his end came before it was due thanks to me taking in an unwanted dog.

The previous owners of that dog rehomed him because he was a chook killer pity they didn't think it was important to mention that (considering I had a yard full of free ranging poultry and neighbours with the same). I had the dog restrained but old Red wasn't afraid of dogs at all and walked on up to say hello.

I still haven't learned to keep poultry and dogs apart cause in my house they have to get along or get gone. My rottweiler loves the ladies and this new roo has finally learnt my dogs won't hurt anybody but it's still a bit tense at times.

Now the dog next door...... half an opportunity and it might have to vanish. Barking 23hrs a day chook killing machine and the owners think aww poor scruffy, shaggy or whatever its name is, he didn't mean to kill them.
Do you think there might be any chance of using colour to sex any chicken that may happen?

or any other tips or myths I can try, alas roos will be dinners and gifts to friends because I'm pushing local by laws just by having my 1 noisy young man.

I'm considering replacing the last lot of lost hens with a couple leghorns.
If you can talk the neighbors into letting you keep him you can cross him with Barred Rock hens to get Black sex link chicks (also called Black Stars) or with a White Rock, Silver Laced Wyandotte, Rhode Island White or Delaware hen to get a Red sex link (also called Red Stars). I have 4 RIR pullets that are that dark, almost mahagany, color, with black tail feathers. The dark tail feathers on that roo you have are gorgeous.

The black sex link male chicks are black with light/white patches on and around heads, and have faded barred (light areas) with light colored neck feathers when feathered out. The pullet chicks are black when hatched and may have light patches at wing tips and chest, with red mixed in their neck hackle feathers when feathered out. The red sex link male chicks are pale yellow all over, with mostly white feathers and a few spots of color once feathered out and the females are pale yellow with distinct red striping on them as chicks and a lacing pattern with light red to golden (with some beige/off white) colors mixing together when feathered out.
Good Luck!
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SunnyDawn has it right on the sexing by color at hatch. The crosses I told you I did with the two types you mentioned are not color sex crosses.

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