RIR girls????


5 Years
Apr 23, 2014
Western central NJ
Hi all,
I (us including my enthusiastic daughter) have recently started our flock of chickens with 3 RIR, 3 BO, and 2 Ameraucanas (although they look a lot like EEs after some research).

We have been having suspicions about one or two of the RIR. Could anyone help us put to rest our suspicions of a rooster or two?

all 3 together

We think she is a she

This one 'croaks' (according to dd)

This one has bigger comb and redder waddles

Thanks for your help!

All 4 turned out to be hens. 1 is somewhat more masculine though-her tail is longer and she has quite a croak--not quite a crow, but still an odd sound coming from a hen.
Here they are this past summer....I think these are 3 different chickens..but maybe just 2...I might not have the one with the little bit longer tail (just the top feathers)


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