RIR Hen or Rooster


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Jul 23, 2013
Saint Amant, LA
Need help to identify gender. "It" is 6 months old.
where did you get it?
if it came from a feed store or hatchery I'm going with girl and it should be laying soon. The rooster combs get really large by 26 weeks on a RIR chicken from most hatcheries.

If the age is off then sure it is a roo but I'm thinking at 6 months the tail feathers would be nice and arched.
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Bought 4 locally from a lady raising them. She told me she wasn't sure of the genders. 2 of them have much larger combs and wattles and are much darker red than. Also have thin pointed feathers on their necks. Several shiny ones on their backs. None of the four have spurs or have crowed. I've talked to them and given a deadline of Halloween to start producing. Will take more pics in the morning when it's daylight.
You can wait forever, but that bird isn't going to lay eggs. He will start crowing, though! I don't think the age is right, unless you bought them at hatch, he looks more like 4 months to me.

Sounds like you might want to post pics of all your birds for a gender check.

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