rir or hatchery chicks?

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May 2, 2011
ok so if i bought rhode island reds from Dels, they are hatchery chicks or "production reds" right?
now if i hatch the eggs do i still have hatchery chicks?
im just getting confused about this..
or would i have to get several gens in ?
well thanks.......
If you buy your chicks at a feed store, you're probably getting birds that came from a hatchery. Chances are, they may not meet the RIR breed standard, unlike chicks purchased direct from a breeder. If you breed the hatchery birds, without introducing breed standard blood, you'll generally end up with hatchery quality birds, no matter how many generations out you go. It's all about the quality of the parent birds.
It is unlikely that even if you bred for generations, selecting the very best examples of each generation for breeding, and while you'd end up with some very nice birds, but still birds that fail the standards and wouldn't win shows against birds that are exceptionally well shaped, and have the feathering that is indicative of the true, heritage RIR.

You'd be better off using really good thoroughbred stock if you want to breed a Kentucky Derby champion. Hope that helps. If you want truly awesome RIR, you'll have to start right off procuring great breeding stock, at a price that will be far above what one pays a hatchery for more generic stock.
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You can breed them for years and most likely never get the Dark Red color, Brick Shape, Length and Width of Back or Length of Keel Bone among other thing that you need for a good Rhode Island Red.

Here are some of my Reds out of breeder stock (non-hatchery)



Typical Hatchery quality Rhode Island Red (not my Birds)



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