RiR x Shamo: Advice on Playing with Genetics


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May 6, 2009
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RiR x Shamo: Advice on Playing with Genetics

I have a flock of mostly RiRs and NHs. They are decent birds but I am interested in playing with the genetics/selected breeding a bit to suit my needs. I would like to encourage more natural traits one sees in the older breeds (Shamo, Modern Game, Aseel, etc.) such as broodiness, great mothering, heavy foraging, heat tolerance, and predator evasion.

I was considering adding one of those birds to the line but I need some advice. Which breed should I choose Shamo, Modern Game, Aseel, or some other type?

For the breeding plan I think it would be most efficient to get a Shamo rooster and breed him with the RiRs. Take that group of ½ breed chickens and breed one of the roosters to the RiR hens. Then I would end up with a group of birds that are mixed breed ¼ Shamo and ¾ RiRs. Then hand pick the ones with the traits I am looking for to continue breeding. I would hopefully end up with bird with the meaty shape, egg production, and look similar to a RiR but also develope a few of the personality traits of the Shamo. Is that how the genetics/selected breeding thing would work? If not how would you do it? Or is it possible?
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I would recommend finding a good breeder of of the fowl that you are wanting to keep (Reds, New Hampshire) they tend to have good natural instincts.
If you then feel that you need/want to breed game back into them then go with Malay. The Malay was used in the breeding/creating of the Rhode Island Red back in the 1840’s.



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Sounds like a good plan to me, as long as the result is a chicken you are pleased with. However, I think Buckeyes would suit your purpose well, because they have game blood in them and they are very similar to the RIR. But that all depends on your ultimate purpose for your flock.

I would recommend either Shamos or Asils for your project. Modern games are not too hardy, so I hear, because of their show purposes, but it all depends on what breeder you're getting them from. There's probably Moderns breeders out there who have nice hardy birds. Shamos and Asils, however, are far older than the Modern game and are known for their great hardiness, especially the Asil. Thais or Malays are also good suggestions as they have similar traits to the Shamo and Asil.

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You really want a game x RIR cross? I got a random, honestly surprise of a neighbor with imported Thai x RIR crosses, I can ask him if he's willing to send off some eggs.
He wasn't even aware what he truly was working with until someone showed me his flock.

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