Risk of power outage- help!

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by tnmommy, Feb 20, 2014.

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    We are at a moderate risk for severe weather here in TN today. My eggs are developing well, and of course we are at risk of a power outage. My pullets are not the least bit broody, so I guess my options are:
    1) fire up our gas fireplace manually and put them close to it.
    2) take the incubator to a family member's house, about a 10 minute drive, if they have power
    3) put several heat packs in the incubator

    So, which option is the least likely to stop their development?
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    I've had outages of several hours while incubating and it didn't stop the chicks developing and hatching right on time. Around here, a few hours is about all it is ever out - don't know about where you are.

    Number one, don't open the incubator. All that does is let out the heat and humidity. Number two, wrapping it in blankets to keep what is in for longer, doesn't hurt, but don't cover up vent holes - they still need ventilation.

    I wouldn't worry about driving the incubator to a friend's house unless you think the power will be out longer than a few hours. Moving it in and out of house and car puts it at risk of dropping and breaking the eggs - so would be one of the last things I would try. I also wouldn't put it too close to a fireplace for fear of it getting too warm.
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    2 weeks ago, I lost power for 36 hours. The temp in the incubator dropped to 60! I assumed all the eggs were goners, but last night they started pipping, at least 5 (out of 15). This morning one is out. I named "her" (hoping for a pullet) Hillary -- think Sir Edmund Hillary, he endured so cooler temperatures too, LOL. If it's a roo, we'll call him "Sir Edmund" of course.

    So, the moral of the story is, don't panic.

    Oh, and a pic of Hillary, trying to encourage her fellow cold-hardy friends to come forth . . .
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